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Unleash the Power of your Data

Using causal AI platform to deliver a better data experience - empowering every team to do more with data , break down your data silos, track and capture data changes as they occur and all without having to modify your systems.

Data observability provides a single source of the truth.

Trust and confidence in your data.

Exposing unanticipated and making the unkowns known.

The new paradigm for managing your data

dataSense is a powerful data management platform that offers a transformative approach to data management, providing organisations with greater visibility, control, and understanding of their data landscape.

Key Features at a Glance


Digital Map


Get alerted when key assets are new or change. dataSense learns what data moves on a daily basis.

With the help of causal AI, dataSense dataMaps can effortlessly trace the lineage and flow of data.

Does not rely on static data to identify data anomalies. Using causal AI to build the behaviour of your data.

Data is the Key

dataSense is different

dataSense is a powerful data management platform that enables organisations to gain deep insights, control, and governance over their data assets. It provides a range of features and capabilities that enhance data awareness, automate data tracking, and improve data governance processes.

Capture data easily 

With dataSense, organisations can capture and understand the content and lifecycle of their critical data assets. It allows data owners and consumers to easily search for data, view its lineage, and track changes in real-time. 

Understand your Active data

dataSense goes beyond traditional metadata management by focusing on active data content. It captures data in motion, data at rest, and data in use, providing a comprehensive view of the data landscape.

Understand Data Behaviour

Our solution leverages advanced software capabilities to automatically map and analyze your data based on its behaviour, eliminating the need for subjective opinions or past knowledge. The data-driven approach ensures that the outcome is driven by the actual content of the data, not just metadata or descriptions.


Build confidence and trust in your data, the system automatically alerts you whenever critical data assets change or new ones are received. Immutable data from sources ensures everyone has the same view.

Non Invasive Deployment

dataSense is deployed alongside your current eco system, no changes are required to existing systems or platforms, no new feeds - you control what is sent and when.


Unleashing the Potential of Your Data: Empowering Data Leaders as Catalysts for Change

"We had a complex data problem to solve, and within an hour, we were able to setup a working proof-of-concept with the dataSense cloud data platform. This allows us to visualise the high value data assets moving around our data estate and build greater trust in our data capabilities."

Head of Digital

Tier 1 Bank


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dataSense the same as other metadata governance applications?

The simple answer is No. dataSense is a new paradigm, where it manages data content and brings operational validation of your data. It can integrate with metadata tooling such as MDM systems, but dataSense does not store or manage metadata, it manages data content.

Do I need to create a data lake or similar for dataSense to work?

No. dataSense does not move your data out of the system and creates it's own unique storage of the data assets that give you the highest return - high value data assets. Using AI and ML models to understand the data from a concentrated set of data.

What is data behaviour?

dataSense learns normal behaviour of your data using baseling. As dataSense understands your data, how it moves in your organisation, it builds a "normal" view of that data. When that view changes, dataSense will automatically generate alerts for you to view and action accordingly. dataSense does not rely on thresholds to identify when something is different. This is data behaviour.


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